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RE: Sokoto Tribunal Verdict: Matters Arising


RE: Sokoto Tribunal Verdict: Matters Arising

RE: Sokoto Tribunal Verdict: Matters Arising
By Mansur Ibrahim Rigasa
I read an apparently sponsored article written by a notorious Kaduna-based pen merchant who for whatever reason decided to call himself Charles Oladele.
For the purpose of this discussion, Oladele, as he preferred to be called, was commissioned to right just anything on the matter of electoral dispute between the Governor of Sokoto state, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal whose purported election victory is being challenged by the APC flag bearer, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu.
On Tuesday, October 2, 2019, the Governorship Election Tribunal, ruled in favour of Tambuwal against APC’s Aliyu, who, as a thoroughbred democrat, decided to appeal the judgment on strict points of law.
In a rush to say just anything about the appeal not minding the likely legal implications, and damning the risk of subjudice and contempt, the PDP and Tambuwal commissioned a write-up to say just anything on a matter that is a subject of pending litigation.
Typical of Tambuwal’s desperation, he chose the wrong person for the job, a certain outdated writer coming under the cover of Charle Oladele, who proved ignorant of the basic elements of the two distinctive legal systems he chose to dwell on – the common law and Islamic jurisprudence.
I am more concerned here with the attempt by the writer obviously veiled as Oladele, to interpret a strict theological issue (Tauhid) and relate it to the operation of Nigeria’s secular democracy that is regulated by distinct set of laws.
I would therefore not have bothered to respond if Oladele had not attempted that brutal encroachment on Islamic Tauhid of which he has no knowledge.
I find it a desperate gross distortion for Tambuwal to commission someone to rudely suggest that since power is divinely given, it therefore matters not the manner in which it is acquired.
By Oladele’s ignorant interpretation, of the Islamic concept of social justice and fairness, the acquisition of political power, just like wealth, is deemed as God-given not minding how they are gotten.
By that warped interpretation, a thief or even an armed robber who succeeds in taking ownership of another person’s property can rightly claim devine enrichment and not theft.
It would also mean, according to Tambuwal’s commissioned writer that a person can kill and shift it unto God since it is God who gives life and takes it when He wills. This is as nonsensical as the thought that power cannot be stolen or robbed by desperate politicians.
Tambuwal might be tempted to fall in with Oladele given the way he justified his past indecent ride to the position of the House of Reps Speaker that involved scandalizing a nation’s sacred institution by breaking over fences and deceitfully camouflaging to gain undue access into its chamber to be equally unduly crowned.
And the fact that the hired writer had to come behind the shroud of a pen-name, speaks of volumes of Tambuwal’s disdain for genuine things. This might be the reason why, by his submission, the said Charles Oladele readily gave himself away as an impostor because no sensible or learned PhD holder can afford to rubbish himself on a matter he is almost entirely ignorant of.
The title of PhD that Charles Oladele used has added to the fakery in our system. Not minding the implication of the Sharia, the man, a Muslim, christened himself Charles and still attempted to twist the Islamic doctrine of Tauhid to the benefit of his paymaster.
Before looking at other misinformed areas of his write-up, it will be well to ask this Kaduna-based journalist who has outlived his usefulness to hold the bull by the horns and repent, for God will question any believer who, just for financial salvation, prefers a Charles to his original beautiful name.
As we watch him handle the shame of the boomerang of his penname we say that even by secular standards, Tambuwal’s assertion through Oladele has fallen way out of sync with the ordinary rule of decency as well as that of natural justice, equity and good conscience.
It is this ignorance that perhaps informed their haste to wrap the matter around the neck of Senator Aliyu Wamakko by throwing professional ethics away and resorting to unnecessary sensational overkill. Otherwise what has the lawful pursuit of Aliyu’s constitutional right through constitutionally permissible processes got to do with Wamakko?
One of Oladele’s presumptuous thesis was that people were jubilating because Tambuwal won, when in point of fact the jubilations started ahead of the judgement in favor of the incumbent governor at the Abuja Court. Therefore, the failed revisionism of Oladele and elements in the Sultanate, who are now desperately trying to change the narrative will remain fresh in minds of Nigerian historians.
On the whole, Oladele’s misadventure of garbed in failed revisionism only goes to prove why Tambuwal should not pay him at for this shoddy job.
(Rigasa, an indigene of Sokoto, wrote from Rigasa, Kaduna state)

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