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Kaduna women boost Mr LA campaign


Kaduna women boost Mr LA campaign

Kaduna women boost Mr LA campaign
As the politicking for next month’s elections heats up and voters are being bombarded with information and promises by candidates, from television and radio ads to social media posts and tweets, a group of women in Kaduna has come up with a new initiative to promote Lawal Adamu Usman (Mr LA).
Mr LA, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate for the Senate seat of Kaduna Central, is believed to be from the stock of new generation politicians with massive support among young people and women.
Explaining the new imitative for Mr LA, at his media directorate on Monday, leader of the Group Hajiya Aisha Ayuba Mohammed said the move is partly to sensitize women on how to cut through the campaign clutter and help them to become informed voters.
Launching the initiative tagged: “Be the Difference. Vote Right,” Aisha who is also a women leader in the LA 2019 team, said it is a multifaceted campaign designed to maximize the influence of women voters in Kaduna in February’s elections.
She described Mr LA, her preferred candidate, as a politician with a desire to win and willing to overcome obstacles.
“Mr LA’s understanding of public service has to do with serving the needs of the people above the needs of self. He is a perfect example of a servant leader, and the best person for the job. He believes in sering the better good of the people, not his best interests and personal desires,” said Aisha.
While observing that running for office is no easy task as campaign takes every huge amount of a politician’s energy and spare time, Aisha said impressively, Mr LA seems to possess the rare ability to start out early and stay up late to get the job done.
“Mr LA’s worldview dictates every decision he makes and unlike the other candidates, his political, social, and general philosophy depend on where his core beliefs are derived from.
“His ability to speak in public and to articulate his message even in the face of adversity is amazing. While the other candidates are never able to agree with the views of voters, Mr LA is at all times willing to listen to all sides of an issue, and be able to communicate with supporters and opponents,” she said.
According to Aisha, her Group is working towards getting a new class of female voters who would not be deceived by a candidate’s fancy poster and huge billboard, but one who knows how to appeal to voters and rally them behind a common cause with a clear message.
“An ideal candidate, Mr LA understands that a winning strategy requires a team effort involving volunteers and independent supporters and is willing to ask, and allow others to help him.
“By putting together a willing team of people with understanding of the political system, and experience in running a campaign, Mr LA has a big edge over his other opponents.
“Mr LA seems to be the only candidate with proper understanding of national, state and local issues that are important to all groups such as senior citizens, women, youths, farmers, small business, religion, etc,” she said.

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