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Ahead 2023, Group begins mass mobilization for Tambuwal


Ahead 2023, Group begins mass mobilization for Tambuwal

Ahead 2023, Group begins mass mobilization for Tambuwal



Years to the next round of fresh elections in 2023, a northern based Group with national outreach has said it has commenced a massive mobilization for the current Sokoto state Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to next president of Nigeria.

The Group, Tambuwal Save Nigeria, said it’s activities a voluntary and informed by the need to review the nation’s leadership selection process from the current archaic model that has failed the country for too long, to a more dynamic and focused brand.

A statement signed by founder of the Group, M.D. Yusuf Abdullahi B. Nazia explained that they have taken time to assess the antecedents of all the presidential options available before finally arriving at Tambuwal.

” By our assessment, we concluded that what Nigeria needs today and for the future are politically competent leaders who can put all three components of the political process in place: map the terrain, get people on their side, and get results.

“In this respect, we discovered we need genuinely visionary politicians such as Tambuwal who are in the class of leaders like Martin Luther King who had a dream bigger than the times in which he lived.

“Since delving Into active politics, Tambuwal has succeeded in infusing fresh ideas that brought awareness and humanity to the national consciousness by practicalizing Abraham Lincoln’s three conditions of democracy: a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” MD Abdullahi said.

He said that certainly Tambuwal understands the courage of true leadership, evident in the manner in which he actualised the dream of becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives and later Sokoto state Governor.

“Tambuwal is among the rare breed of leaders with a dream—a vision, and could express it simply. He is committed and passionate about a prosperous Nigeria and is being driven to execute on it.

“This generation and the coming ones must have a guarantee that their future leaders and stakeholders in the leadership selection process understand their vision and believe they have the ability, personal integrity, vision, commitment and engagement to deliver on their promises.

“In this category, successful political leaders such as Tambuwal always strive to connect with voters’ values by proving that their policies have a clear definition that enables the electorate to easily understand their vision,” said.

MD Abdullahi disclosed that though the Group is barely beyond formation stage, it has however made wide consultations across Nigeria and is coming up with a comprehensively considered programme to be executed in phases towards achieving its goal

Tambuwal is currently the governor of Sokoto State. He initially became the governor of Sokoto state after his election during the 2015 General Elections into the office and was re-elected at the 2019 General Elections .

Aminu Tambuwal is a member of the People’s Democratic Party and served as the 10th Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, also representing the Tambuwal/Kebbe Federal Constituency of Sokoto State.

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